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i wonder if you guyz are having fun at the dance.
i sure am having fun with this science fair.
i wonder if there was any sarcasm in that...? haha

you must join:

like right NOW...
so that you can get the latst news of tayshaun prince, fashion, coffee, and random stuff about random people. so JOIN...

and now the mst stuff:
learn about fast fourier transformation... and an equation thang that i don't feel like explain...
1 or -1 = maximum negative or positive correlation
0 = no correlation

remember that stuff. you'll learn it in college. have fun!!!
also remember, in a unit circle, r=1 (duh, it's a UNIT circle), and there's a point somehwere on the cirle (x,y)... the sine of alpha (which is the angle created from the point) would equal to y & the cosine of alpha would be x.. the tangent of alpha would be y/x... cotangent would be x/y
if you don't get it, DRAW it!!! haha. aren't you glad you know me????

that's all for today mst children.. i'll be back
muahahahhaahahhaha <3 the mysterious wonders of mst janet
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